MOOD BIAS - Geoff Davis UAL CCI - May 2023

AI Mood Bias - Geoff Davis

AI MOOD BIAS - Geoff Davis UAL CCI - 2023

Presented at EVA London Conference, 2023.

Mood Bias in AI Text: The Psychology of AI Large Language Models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4 and Bard.

Geoff Davis

Director of Studies: Professor Mick Grierson

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Four psychometric text experiments to find and explore Mood Bias - positive emotional tone in AI text generation


This is a multi-mode four part study to analyse the emotional tone of generated texts, with:

Aims of experiments

Analyse emotional terms used in long form language of recent AI large language models, in order to gauge the emotional tone of the outputs

Use Natural Language Processing NLP to analyse sentiment and details to find patterns

Find variations when using different generators

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Geoff Davis founded and runs Computer, Digital and AI Text art organisation Micro Arts Group.